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Vildsund Camping
Parkvej 33 A
7700 Thisted
Phone +4592720102
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Open: 23.03. - 23.09.
LON 8° 37‘ 28.8840'
LAT 56° 52‘ 48.1080'

Driving instructions


Directions to Vildsund Camping:

Vildsund is situated near Thisted at A26, which starts in Hanstholm and goes all the way to Århus. A26 also connects Mors and Thy via a brigde.

Coming from Mors:
- after having driven across the Vildsund bridge you turn left at the DK gas station.

Coming from A11:
Get off A11 and go towards Nykøbing M on A26. Vildsund is situated about 2 kilometers down the road. Turn right at the DK gas station.
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